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I’ve come across, a blog on success, which lists ten top success and motivation coaches. They are Anthony Robbins, Bryan Tracy, Robert Kiyasaki, Deepak Chopra, Suze Orman,  Stephen Covey, Jim Rohn, Zig Zeglar, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen.  The blog asks for comments on each of them, so if you wish, please go there.

As I crawled from my hide this morning I recalled actually seeing Zeglar in person and I may have seen Canfield, but I can’t recall.  Chopra and Orman I have seen on PBS.  I heard Colin Powell and came away filled with a renewed faith in
good sense, discipline and quiet ardor.  I like that in a man or woman.

I’ve reached the brook beside babbling water where I can lie on pebbles and feel the water cooling my under plate. It gets really hot sometimes, dragging this shell across the ground. I am curious about something, though.  Who might be some of the lesser but still worthy lights?  Surely, there must be someone out there who struggled hard to start a hardware store — some unassuming person who has something to say about uncelebrated success which is what most of us will have — if we have success. I know, these folks wouldn’t be very flashy; on the other hand maybe not so. My Uncle Papa and my grandfather started a factory in the auspicious year of 1929.  Grand Dad was a farmer and superintendent in a sewer pipe plant before he struck out on his own to make drain tile and block out of dirt.  I’ve always stood in awe of their enterprise. The plant thrives today.  I did not know  Uncle Papa well nor Grand Dad at all. I wish I had.

I marvel still at fortunes and misfortunes of the success drive; still, after some four decades on the planet, I can say that succeed or fail, I think a creature needs to appreciate cool water on his belly on a hot day — especially if he’s a little envious of Colin Powell and his grandfather.

The Tortoise

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