Life Reports from Experienced Folks, How Life Happened for Them — David Brooks Series

. . .” Lean toward risk. It’s trite, but apparently true. Many more seniors regret the risks they didn’t take than regret the ones they did. . . ”

I have not found many articles that precisely fit the the theme of this blog, but these do. Brooks reports of how experienced people regard life decisions, perseverance, rumination, “strategic self-delusion,” “relentless self-expansion,” rebellion, self-obsession, and having to make crucial decisions when we are twenty-somethings. It is all here. I cannot recommend any reading more enthusiastically than this series.  Go to the link below.  Good reading for young, middle-aged and senior Americans.  The following link goes to both earlier and later responses.


Steadfast and cautious,

David Milliken

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