Election 2012: Plain Dealing & Honesty on My Mind

I must say that the best name for me is “Republicrat.”  At least we’re not likely to see Tweedle Dee versus Tweedle Dum this election, and as always I will vote.  Frankly I don’t know what I am any more.  The right war before Iraq was in Afghanistan.  I hope to God we don’t have to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.  If we do, it must be an allied effort; though we and NATO can’t afford it.  Too bad we blew all those resources, human and financial, in Iraq.  An expensive war in Iran will destroy what’s left of the West, I fear.  We’re tired of war; well, some of us are.

Obama dropped the ball and a lot of statesmanship when he didn’t take up the Simpson-Bowles report.  I haven’t the faintest idea where Romney lives, really; but his Freudian slips tell me what he’s missing.  You know, he’s been unemployed, too.  His income from speeches c9uld have been better. Tch, tch.

But it’s Newt I’m after today.  He sent me into  a little research on Saul Alinsky.  Alinsky was a devout Jew until he became an atheist. Alinsky was a radical like Thomas Paine with a difference.  And both men had their right and freedom to be radical. My reading finds Alinsky associated with the likes of Jane Addams of Hull House and something called “sympathetic knowledge.”  Yes, they were community organizers.  I recall her from sixth grade history.  She was much revered and actually so was Alinsky.  True, he was called a Marxist and a Communist, but then so was Martin Luther King.  Alinsky came from the era of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.  It was the Chicago of child labor, slums and general working class poverty — a brutal age.  Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were students of Alinsky.  I do not believe Hillary or Barack are socialists, communists or anything else subversive.

When Newt says Obama wants to re-shape the nation in a way the Framers had never conceived of, I think its more a matter of being aware that the Framers did not know the Great Depression, the Robber Barons, nuclear warfare and catastrophic health care costs. Nothing to be afraid of Newt, it’s just a different world that we in our time must deal with using “sympathetic knowledge” of  the countless ones without a lobby.  We don’t need to forsake the Constitution, but it must work in our world.

I know what Newt is up to — distorting history, implying this and that kind of bogey man.  As an historian, he knows better, but because he is an historian that also makes him effective and guilty of  malpractice.  It’s the old, predictable Newt.

What I wouldn’t give for honesty in Election 2012.

Steadfast and cautious,

David Milliken

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