The Suzuki and the Mercedes, a Fable

On a cold, winter evening a Mercedes with big, blue, Hollywood, halogen eyes pulled up behind a ’97 Suzuki X-90.  The little red Suzuki might have fit into the Mercedes’ trunk.  The street was busy at rush hour on a Friday and the light was red.  After the light changed, Mercedes in a big hurry tried and tried to pass on the two-lane street, but failed.

At the next street Mercedes still had not managed to pass when Suzuki signaled to go left and began waiting for her break between oncoming cars. She waited and she waited. Eventually Mercedes, impatient, turned right.  Suzuki finally got her chance, let out her clutch and the little red car leaped across the lane.  Suzuki thought, “I’ll bet I’ll meet that dude again.  Let’s see whose behind then.”

Sure it was, at the next street, an even busier one, Suzuki came to a stop then turned right and just as she thought would happen, from behind she saw the devastating Hollywood halogen eyes, blue and intense, eyes that diminished everyone but her own kind.  This street, too, was narrow, busy and congested.  As she thought, just up the road,  Suzuki turned finally onto the parkway, Mercedes’ destination as well.  Now on the four-lane boulevard, Mercedes came up from behind and finally sped past Suzuki.

The moral of this story is that the fable of the tortoise and hare is true  and cleverly going around the block rarely wins the race.

Steadfast and cautious,

David Milliken

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David Milliken has been a life-long, incurable English Major currently serving as Marketing VP for and, a provider of registered agents, incorporation services and LLC's and trademarks. Prior to that he was a professional chamber of commerce executive for chambers in Ohio, New York and Kansas. Other work includes community college PR, brick sales and community/economic development He is a graduate of The Ohio State University and Idaho State University(M.A.) He attended Kansas State University for more English studies. He has not been a butcher, baker nor candlestick maker, but he has taught English and run for political office. David Milliken is an author aspiring to become a published one.

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