Tortoise Patience a Virtue in Cyber World

The cyber world teaches the virtue of tortoise-like patience.  I’ve been slowly learning the intricacies of WordPress.  As I go along I have had to learn how to click around intelligently in Google and Facebook.

I seem to have encountered one learning curve after the other.  For example, Google has this neat gimmick called Google Analytics.  Attached to one’s blog site, it can measure all sorts of useful data.  It operated well until suddenly I could only use it upstairs on my old laptop.  I fussed, fumed and fired off questions to Google’s support forum in search of help.  I did the same thing with WordPress.  Per usual no one answered and I would rather die than pay someone — that’s how cheap freeware and open sources  have made me.  Have you noticed how upset people get when there’s little to no service for a gift given?  Maybe it’s the same as complaining about life.

So, I decided to do other things like read a poem.  Somehow a week later it dawned on me that Google uses email addresses to distinguish accounts.  I have several gmail accounts.  My two computers were signed into two different ones.  So, on the PC down in the cellar I signed into the same email account as I was using upstairs.  Voilà!  The thing worked!

In another instance, this time in WordPress, I could not make the daily statistic page appear.  So I went the same route of sending help messages out to the cyber-god.  And again, cyber-god remained silent.  Every other solution required tampering with what’s called hypertext editing. For me that would be like editing Sanskrit. I might as well just put my computer on the curb. “Truce,” I said, “I’m going to ignore this and forget the damn daily statistic.”  A week later the beast fixed itself.   I suppose somebody somewhere in the celestial sphere reloaded something.

It took me a week to find the solution or perhaps receive the grace that helped.  All it cost me was inconvenience.  So, I must resolve to let my natural tortoise-like virtue take charge.  Be patient.  Patience pays.

Steadfast and cautious,

David Milliken

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