Does the invisible compliment the visible? –

“As I watch the enormous shell of the tortoise, I cannot help but wonder that it’s the life in the apparently invisible body of a tortoise that not only [carries] this mountain of a shell [but] enhances [it] to grow over the hundreds of years.  On the other hand suppose Nakayima had sat on the bear tortoise or we [had hit]  it directly with stones.  Would the tortoise [have survived] all these years and wars? . . .”

via Does the invisible compliment the visible? –

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2 thoughts on “Does the invisible compliment the visible? –

    • Thanks for your offer and I gratefully accept it. Your story is truly creative and captures truths so very profound. I don’t know that you had soul and body in mind, but I thought about all the ways we humans use our “shells” to seem invisible or if not invisible then to mask ourselves. The tortoise, of course, knows nothing of masks. At least I think he (she) doesn’t. I’d say they are luckier for it, but then we humans wouldn’t have theatre without masks. Oh, the animals, they have so much to teach, if we but watch.

      Steadfast and cautious

      David Milliken

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