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Concerned Americans want less about presidential dogs, less about birth certificates and less about second-home car elevators.

They, and we, want substance.

We want serious discussions about health care, entitlements, defense spending, deficits, jobs, foreign policy and education.  More . . .

via The Star’s editorial | Demand a presidential campaign of substance – KansasCity.com.

After I read this editorial this morning, I felt like no one could have said it better and that no more needs to be said, except more on these issues.  It’s time to dig deeply into real debate. The editorial is not just good Midwestern horse sense, but sound logical sense for useful framing of 2012 election issues and, most likely crucial issues in our nation for the foreseeable future.  I am glad to hear this excellent newspaper calling on President Obama to put the Simpson-Bowles report back on top as a major priority.

In addition I add that this editorial proves why we need and will always need good, old-fashioned, print journalism.  I do not believe a great democratic republic can content itself with cable news only or even PBS and network specials — OR iPhones, Droids, et cetera — any thing that chops complexity into more mindless  dribs and drabs.  Sound bites and the daily palaver about who’s up and who’s down in the polls will not save America.  I’m sorry current events, national and global, are not solely entertainment.  They should not be followed like sporting events.  The electronic Media can fix this.

And I am tired of the endless litany of political parties who refuse to debate honestly what few ideas they have.  Truthfully we are all just waiting for the economy to get well on its own.  Maybe that is best; well, fine, then let’s have an end to Romney just saying over and over and over again how he can do a better job than Obama.  I want to know how and what he would do, except preside over inertia. What does the man believe in? Right now, I only know that Romney wants to be the President.  Perhaps he wants to out do dear old dad and that’s it.  From Romney I would like to know why he is not just another Herbert Hoover.  I want to hear him talk about the revenue side of budgeting.  He’s a businessman after all.

Obama wants a second term.  And I want President Obama to frame a total vision and tell me about it — better than the hope stuff.  I want him to confront the spectre of economic meltdown from debts and deficits.  I want Simpson-Bowles to frame the debate.  I want candidates who don’t constantly feed the public with more pap.  I have seen the statesman in Obama.  I want to see more of it.

Do you think it will happen?  I am not optimistic because money, buckets of money, will prevent it.  A true,  democratically-elected republic might call for compromise.  Do I expect too much?

Steadfast and cautious,

David Milliken

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