Red Tape: Rising Cost of Government Regulation

“From the beginning of the Obama Administration to the end of March 2011, a staggering 75 new major regulations, with costs exceeding $38 billion, have been adopted. While the President has acknowledged the need to rein in regulation, the steps taken to date have fallen far short. The President cannot have it both ways—having identified overregulation as a problem, he must take real and significant steps to rein it in. At the same time, Congress—which shares much of the blame for excessive regulation—must step in, establishing critical mechanisms and institutions to ensure that unnecessary and excessively costly regulations are not imposed on the U.S. economy and the American people. Without such decisive steps, the costs of red tape will continue to grow, and Americans—and the U.S. economy—will be the victims.”

via Red Tape: Rising Cost of Government Regulation.

Every time there is a major scandal, there comes a call to get the instigators.  Next comes a new agency to effect a new regulation.  Surely there must be enough law and regulation on the books to get the job done.  The Tortoise has been digging around to understand better what goes on.  Truly it goes at a tortoise  pace because he just doesn’t have a high confidence level in many watchdogs.  Truthfully our good, major newspapers are stretched to make the slightest dent in oversight.  In the meantime we we are nearly forced to rely on sound bites and over-simplifications.

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Fear of a Black President – Ta-Nehisi Coates – The Atlantic

“Watching Obama rack up victories in states like Virginia, New Mexico, Ohio, and North Carolina on Election Night in 2008, anyone could easily conclude that racism, as a national force, had been defeated. The thought should not be easily dismissed: Obama’s victory demonstrates the incredible distance this country has traveled. Indeed, William F. Buckley Jr. later revised his early positions on race; Robert Byrd spent decades in Congress atoning for his. That a country that once took whiteness as the foundation of citizenship would elect a black president is a victory. But to view this victory as racism’s defeat is to forget the precise terms on which it was secured, and to ignore the quaking ground beneath Obama’s feet.”

via Fear of a Black President – Ta-Nehisi Coates – The Atlantic.

Meandering about the Internet, The Tortoise came across this article.  It is profound, subtle and powerful.  It is about racism in America, but not of it.  Proud to be an American in many ways, but our experiment is not done; well, I hope not.

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Romney’s $716B Medicare cut attack is dubious – CBS News

“But where did that $716 billion figure come from?

“From here: A July letter from the Congressional Budget Office to House Speaker John Boehner, which says if the president’s Affordable Care Act is repealed, ‘spending for Medicare would increase by an estimated $716 billion’ over the next decade.

via Romney’s $716B Medicare cut attack is dubious – CBS News.

I have to give some institution somewhere, some shred of credibility.  Right now I’m counting on the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  It should be the voter’s friend.  I don’t know where else to turn although I think there is hope for the Media if a voter checks out more sides than one. What the left hand trieth to take, the right hand trieth to return and vice versa.   $716 billion is still $716 billion. In this case either we pay more to keep the providers happy or we keep the old system ticking and pay more.  In either case we go broke. We, the People/Consumer pay. Whatever happened to the public option?

As far as lying and telling the truth, what I care about are really big, egregious lies, not the nitpicking silly stuff.  Politicians shave truth and falsehood — EVERY ONE OF THEM.  Don’t look too hard for the truth. Look for what will work   Why has our nation forgotten good, old American pragmatism and “dealing with it.”

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Obama spending binge never happened – MarketWatch

But it didn’t happen. Although there was a big stimulus bill under Obama, federal spending is rising at the slowest pace since Dwight Eisenhower brought the Korean War to an end in the 1950s.Even hapless Herbert Hoover managed to increase spending more than Obama has.Here are the facts, according to the official government statistics:

via Obama spending binge never happened – MarketWatch.

A responsible tortoise takes his slow. slogging time to have a look-see, trying to take it all in.  Well, this article from the Wall Street Journal of all sources, finds it sources in the records of the Congressional Budget Office.  Fair is fair.  Let us stop mixing George Bush’s record with Barack Obama’s.

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The National Memo » Romney Campaign Dares To Praise Romneycare

“To that point, you know, if people had been in Massachusetts under Governor Romney’s health care plan, they would have had health care,” Saul said. “There are a lot of people losing their jobs and losing their health care in President Obama’s economy.”

via The National Memo » Romney Campaign Dares To Praise Romneycare.

Romney gets curiouser and curiouser.  Are we flip-flopping again?  Gee, I hope so — if he finally admits this original GOP idea was a good one. This is a good flip, but Saul will probably be put in charge of the coat check.

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Brownback Has Won His War?

The next morning, February 15, 1893, Republican Speaker of the House George L. Douglas led members and employees of the Republican House who gathered at the Copeland Hotel on Kansas Avenue and marched to the Statehouse. A few guards tried to stop them but were easily swept aside. They gained entry to the Hall by applying a sledge hammer to door of the House of Representatives.

via Populist War – Kansapedia – Kansas Historical Society.

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