How the Tortoise Taught Soul Nada Brahma

“There exists in the East a legend which relates that The Great Spirit made a statue of clay in the image we now know as human, and asked the soul to enter into it. But the soul refused to enter into this prison, for its nature is to fly about freely, and not be limited and bound to any sort of captivity. The soul did not wish in the least to enter this prison. Then the Great Spirit asked the angels and devas to play their music and, as they played, the soul was moved to ecstasy. Through that ecstasy–in order to make this music more clear to itself–it entered this body.” ¬†— more

via How the Tortoise Taught Soul Nada Brahma.

In the preceding blog Ambrose Bierce says the tortoise is without soul.  Perhaps, but here is how Tortoise inspired Soul with Nada Brahma.

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