What Would John Quincy Adams Tell President Obama?

“The first thing John Quincy Adams would tell both President Obama and Governor Romney is, “Get an education! Learn the languages and histories of the people you have to deal with overseas!” He would echo—indeed, thunder—the precepts of Presidents George Washington and John Adams to stay out of the affairs of foreign nations and remain neutral in the conflicts of the rest of the world and focus on building our own nation into the most prosperous, best-educated nation in the world. He would cite The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and Napoleon’s experiences in Egypt and the Middle East as examples of how the Middle East has been the graveyard of Western empires. John Quincy Adams would urge the president to withdraw the American military from the Middle East as quickly as possible, and he would urge Governor Romney to learn the difference between a consulate and an embassy.”

via John Quincy Adams, Neglected President: Five Questions for Biographer Harlow Unger | Britannica Blog.

Several years ago my wife and I read McCullough’s excellent biography of John Adams.  Finally we got around to checking out HBO’s renditon for television.  We have been living back in the War of Independence for days.  The book enlivened the present with the past and sparked out minds with fresh curiosities and a desire to learn more about the Adamses, Jefferson, Hamilton and all the others.  Random threads led me to post this blog. What a rich period it was for thinkers, and Abigail was one of them. So bound in by Kansas snow we watched the whole series.  Recommended highly.

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