Government Shutdown: The view from overseas does not favor the GOP.

I am not an expert on the economics of health care, and therefore I really don’t know whether Obamacare is ultimately going to be good or bad for America. I am very glad that it will help the poor and the uninsured get access to doctors, hospitals, and medicine. I’m very worried that it may be too expensive and will further extend U.S. indebtedness. But I also recognize that at this point, what I think doesn’t really matter. The Affordable Care Act passed both houses of Congress. It was signed into law by the president. It was confirmed by the Supreme Court. The president who originally sponsored the health care reform was then sent back to the White House following an election during which that reform was a major topic of debate.

via Government Shutdown: The view from overseas does not favor the GOP..

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One thought on “Government Shutdown: The view from overseas does not favor the GOP.

  1. When properly understood, this is a win-win situation. People in foreign lands can laugh at the silly Americans for shutting down their own government. This makes the foreigners feel superior. It is a psychological win for them. On the other side, if the debt ceiling compromise holds. the foreigners will keep lending us money at very low interest rates for six more weeks. We can spend their money for six more weeks. Spending other people’s money is a win for us.
    This situation is also a nice example of Irrational Choice Theory. ICT states that the greater the aggregate irrationality of individual choices, the more likely it is that the final outcome of those choices for society as a whole will be beneficial.

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