1 Danny Powell – You think rolling out a website is bad: 1930s…

You think rolling out a website is bad: In the 1930s President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act on August 14, 1935, establishing a three-person Social Security Board to administer a program of old-age retirement benefits based on a persons earnings history. The collection of payroll taxes was to begin on January 1, 1937, and the Board had to be prepared to keep records of the earnings on which those taxes were paid. So, the Board had less than 17 months to set up a recordkeeping system unparalleled in history. This would be a daunting task even if everything went smoothly, which of course it did not.   — more —

via 1 Danny Powell – You think rolling out a website is bad: 1930s….

This is a very long, but good history of the travails of setting up Social Security in the 193o’s  and down through the the 1950’s.  The Tortoise passes this on as a testimony to the steadfast dedication to the making of the Social Security Administration and maintaining it today.  Thanks, Danny



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