Troglodyte Envy, a PC Troubleshooting Story

Technologically speaking last weekend came from hell.  The tech support people were all very patient and so was I,  after finally finding  a human being.  I’ve learned that belligerence and techno-troubleshooting are a bad mix.  Patience and good listening are the only ways of preserving civility in this cyber world.  And so says  C. Tobin Tortoise; thus,  I resolved to be civil.

Printing an envelope should not require three hours of keyboard chat and watching my cursor being manipulated remotely by a man from India   — no offense to India or Indians.  I’d done the task before through Open Office, but that was on an HP 1018, the best printer I’ve ever had.  My new printer is an HP 4500 ENVY — nothing wrong with it either except that both were designed by geniuses to be operated by stupids.  I read the instructions for Open Office 4 and HP4500.  I managed to get one envelope printed out of ten tries.  After the one success, I  couldn’t remember the steps.  So I called support.

Support found another problem. The print spooler was a mess and I would require a new driver and disk clean up.  At last,  something besides myself to blame — even though I had been negligent in disk clean up for many weeks. And after months of satisfaction with both Avast Antivirus and MBAM working happily together,  I was told they were not to be installed at the same time.  Avast and MBAM both claim compatibility.  Nevertheless,  the tech removed MBAM and fixed a bunch of other  stuff.  However, three hours later I still could not print an envelope.  I fussed about the  loss of MBAM and the impending return of the Adware Army.  Finally, after a night’s sleep I printed an envelope.  I printed FIVE envelopes.  I was happy.

Next I tried to sign up for HP’s printer ink deal.  Here, after a long search for a human, I learned that one must have a wireless setup.  I had one of those over a year ago, but for some forgotten  reason I switched back to a wired system.  Maybe Seniors are just happier with wired things.  HP offered to set me up wireless.  That, however, would have required hauling out the old, dubious wireless router.  HP said it would only require ten minutes to set up and they would help.  By then I was tech weary.  It also occurred to me that I actually needed to do some work,  i.e. get some letters out.  So I dropped out of the HP ink program and now will have to pay more for ink.

Initially the troglodytes were prehistoric or fabulous creatures who lived in caves, dens and holes.  C. Tobin Tortoise identifies with them.  They are sometimes tagged as reclusive, reactionary, out-of-date and brutish.  They are happy underground. Toby who spends lots of time in his hide tells me its a nice existence — especially the hibernation period.  And after my weekend from hell, I confess my affinities with Toby and the troglodytes —  and especially some empathy with them. Now, to reinstall or not to reinstall Malware Bytes Anti-Malware, that is the question.

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