Tramp, Tramp, Tramp the Trump Beats Go On

Aren’t you tired of it all: the waving hand, the petulant demeanor, the mindless cant, the absurdity, the embarrassment and on it goes?  I try to imagine a President Trump seated around a table with Cameron of Britain, King Abdullah of Jordan, Merkel of Germany and I am embarrassed for my country. I cannot conceive of Trump with a finger poised and hovering over the big red button.

In a President I want thoughtfulness, patience, a cool mind — maybe even a modicum of warmth.  Not in this guy.  I want a real life manifestation of Michael Douglas as the American President. I want courage over foolhardiness. Above all, I do not want a cynic in the White House.

Tired, oh so tired of this quadrennial spectacle.

David Milliken

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David Milliken has been a life-long, incurable English Major currently serving as Marketing VP for and, a provider of registered agents, incorporation services and LLC's and trademarks. Prior to that he was a professional chamber of commerce executive for chambers in Ohio, New York and Kansas. Other work includes community college PR, brick sales and community/economic development He is a graduate of The Ohio State University and Idaho State University(M.A.) He attended Kansas State University for more English studies. He has not been a butcher, baker nor candlestick maker, but he has taught English and run for political office. David Milliken is an author aspiring to become a published one.

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