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These famous authors didn’t major in writing, or literature, or even journalism. Instead, they enriched their minds taking other, equally challenging classes, and used their experiences to become successful writers. In fact, several of them have won the Pulitzer Prize, considered one of the world’s greatest honors in literature.

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I am a long way from my college days.  One thing life has taught me about the English major. It is a rewarding major but it ain’t the only route to  the life of the mind. Poets, novelists and journalists have no corner on intellectual “coolness” as we used to say.  For example, after hours and hours of literary study I am finding biographies fascinating.  Why? They are grounded in the experience of living.  They deliver excellent “career education” as well.  You know what else?  Biographers are rarely revered in the English departments.  There’s rarely a major in biography writing.  So, where do biographers learn their trade?  Think about it. A major, any major is a mere sampling of this miracle called life.  Life is not esoteric.  It is a miracle.  Get knowledge but with your getting, get understanding.

David Milliken

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