Patience and the PC

TORTU by Carolyn MillikenThere’s one tortoise trait that I really envy.  Constitutionally my Tobin is slow, tending to the cumbersome as his gait reveals; but he’s also steadfast and cautious.  Toby perseveres methodically.  Because of this he’s especially vulnerable to many threats, especially the quick, pouncing attack and succumbing to haste generated by the influence of others or a situation.  He can’t run from anything.   Like all creatures, however, his vulnerability often gives him strength.  Knowing the futility of fleeing, the tortoise and his turtle cousin, rely heavily on vigilance.  They’re always  alert for bad vibes from potential enemies like soup makers with nets.  These reptiles have a keen sense of the slightest rustle or motion helps.  It makes tortoises sneaky. These reptiles possess a portable hiding place, a shell that blends easily with earth and undergrowth.  A snapping turtle has a special weapon in his long, reptilian neck.  Never reach for a snapping turtle from behind.  He can get you.  When he’s out of water, the snapping turtle becomes very touchy  — like a lot of humans I know. All creatures are at home somewhere, but jerk them out of an accustomed setting and they get feisty — like me in Techy Land.

That’s the way I am with computers in environs where Geeks are happy.  Oh, I’ve made some progress, but the path has been arduous,  marked by impatience, frustration and emotional outbreaks.  For example, I am obsessed with ridding my life of any malware that sneaks into my PC.  I cannot tolerate violation of my cyber space.  I spend hours finding the means of extracting them.  Something called “conduit” disguising itself as  “Safe Search” has been the most recent pest, doubly so because it harassed me once before.  I hate this vermin so much that it has forced me to overcome fearing of using Regedit, a place where an amateur  can bring down even worse calamity than many a virus or PUP can deliver.  Ah, but to emerge from Regedit with a success is like surviving in a wilderness area.

I’m still timid about tinkering with technology, but with each foray I gain a little more confidence  and Toby’s  motto of “Steadfast and Cautious” leads me on in this alien cyberspace.

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