Taxpayer Subsidy & Jobs

Have you ever wondered how well we’re doing?  Well, there’s an interesting report(12/11/11) by Good Jobs First.  The survey reports on 238 programs amounting to $11 billion in public subsidy. Twenty of them report no dollar amount.  These programs include tax credits, capital investment, research and development, grants, low-cost or forgiveable loans, enterprise zones and worker training.  Of the total 222 require performance measures; only 135 relate to job creation.   The cost of programs not requiring job creation is $7 billion.  Fewer than half impose wage requirements.  Average hourly wage comes to $14.76.

Programs without wage requirement receive $8 billion in public support.  This is important because these jobs can require the social safety net, such as food stamps, to supplement worker income.  Only 51 require health coverage and 31 of these require employer participation.

Top states are Nevada, North Carolina, Vermont, Iowa, Maryland and Oklahoma.  Twenty-three(23) states fall below 40, the average score.  The report ranks all the states, offers finer points and makes policy recommendations.

Please click on the link above for the whole report.

David Milliken

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