Is Socialism Inevitable? An Explanation of the Forces of Social Progress

Socialism seems to be H-U-U-U-GE in some quarters these days.  Socialism was also huge in 1922 when August Claessens wrote this 44-page tract sub-titled “An Explanation of the Forces of Social Progress.” Published by the Socialist Party of the United States, the tract sold for 10 cents and was obviously meant to further the Socialist cause. It presents an excellent explanation of socialist beliefs and an exhortation, mostly to workers to unite.  The Tortoise found it somewhere in the bowels of an Indiana State library. It is well-worth its easy read.

It is posted here not to promote the cause of socialism, but to provide some historical background.  In 1922 the Russian Revolution was in full bloom.  World War I was over and the Great Depression was only seven years away.  A statement from Eugene V. Debs, perhaps America’s foremost Socialist, is part of the piece.  Debs the national leader of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and founder the American Railway Union, was jailed under the World War I Espionage Act(1917).  Debs also ran five times for the presidency of the United States.  His last attempt was in 1920 while he was incarcerated.  Debs was passionately dedicated to his cause.

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