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These days good news is coming out of Somalia thick and fast. It has been more than three months since Associated Press removed the tag of “world’s most dangerous city” from its capital, Mogadishu. Last week, extremist insurgents were pushed out of the commercial hub of Kismayo, Somalia’s second city, which they had vowed to defend at all costs.

via Somalia – Understanding the Past, Looking to the Future | American Security Project.

I don’t know how others are feeling, but I, for one, can’t even look at our National news these days. But I do like reading about anywhere else. So . . . how about Somalia? This post, I am pleased to say, was written by my daughter’s fiance.  — Nin Andrews

I still watch the national news, but I have left off the world of cable with all its sacred rages. I can’t take a steady diet of histrionics.  Unfortunately for several years now I have worried about the circus we call elections and adults behaving badly.  And then I read about a fourteen-year old Pakistani hero and about this Somalia story which doesn’t seem to be “news” anymore — perhaps that’s a good thing.  The UN is badly maligned by many, but I am glad it is still around.  My God, does it squander as much money as we have dumped into this multi-billion dollar campaign?  More stories like this one on Somalia seem so much more important.  There are patriots for freedom all over the world who are as passionate and dedicated as any of our own.  I worry what they think of us. — David Milliken

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