Is “Effort” the Next Victim of Language Abuse?

We’ve made “transition” a verb.  Politicians, journalists and pseudo-professionals wanted an infinitive more impressive than  “to change” or perhaps “to “switch” so the friends of bad jargon came up with “to transition” to this or that.  This mindless brevity, a tribute to mental lassitude, has been going on for quite awhile.  But yesterday I actually heard a television reporter using “effort” as a verb. How much more erudite to say, “I’m going to effect a change in my language use.”  No, now we will begin hearing about people who “effort” this or perhaps  “I will ‘effort’ paying more attention to English usage.”  I am incredulous at this one.  What’s next?  I will “television” the Super Bowl?”  Why not just eliminate the distinctive functions of nouns and verbs.  After all, how much briefer is “I will ‘beer’ at half-time.”  Thus we eliminate the word “drink.”  How efficient!  How illiterate!  Our descent into Babble continues.

Steadfast and cautious,

The Tortoise

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