On the Absurd and Love

dreamstime_xs_17018906The absurd is always with us.  Millions moved by 17 deaths in Paris seemed oblivious in the same universe to the greater slaughter in Nigeria. Derisive wit and straight reportage require equal defense as free speech. Jihadist terror, the crowd said is unequivocally evil. There are countless reasons why World II was  part two of World War I, yet given the patent evil of Nazism, a necessary, justifiable war.  The Bomb, now that it’s here and as long as it doesn’t go off, may not be totally absurd.

There are many absurd reasons why some nations are slow to  evolve into democratic republics: Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, China, North Korea, Cuba etc.  To not perfect the United Nations in a world screaming for peace and justice — that is absurd. .  What happened or had to happen to Jesus was absurd, unless a loving God somewhere operates an alternate universe unknown to us ignorant humans.

It is absurd that human beings cannot at least reduce poverty when we can afford  sports tickets, travel and lodging to and from thirty-nine bowl games. Yet guilt over decent, fair pleasure is absurd. To be a spoil sport is absurd.

It is absurd that we let the globe warm despite scientific truth.  That we coddle some animals and neglect others is absurd.   To  scapegoat some political leaders for the follies of Man, that too, is absurd.  George Bush and Barack Obama are not the single cause of anything. That either socialism or capitalism has the answer is absurd.

To go on and on with this catalog of absurdity is absurd.  Because of absurdity we have religion, philosophy, poetry, drama, literature, music and the Grand Canyon — moments for peace, serenity unity and love. Only love is not absurd.

David Milliken


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