Romney’s $716B Medicare cut attack is dubious – CBS News

“But where did that $716 billion figure come from?

“From here: A July letter from the Congressional Budget Office to House Speaker John Boehner, which says if the president’s Affordable Care Act is repealed, ‘spending for Medicare would increase by an estimated $716 billion’ over the next decade.

via Romney’s $716B Medicare cut attack is dubious – CBS News.

I have to give some institution somewhere, some shred of credibility.  Right now I’m counting on the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  It should be the voter’s friend.  I don’t know where else to turn although I think there is hope for the Media if a voter checks out more sides than one. What the left hand trieth to take, the right hand trieth to return and vice versa.   $716 billion is still $716 billion. In this case either we pay more to keep the providers happy or we keep the old system ticking and pay more.  In either case we go broke. We, the People/Consumer pay. Whatever happened to the public option?

As far as lying and telling the truth, what I care about are really big, egregious lies, not the nitpicking silly stuff.  Politicians shave truth and falsehood — EVERY ONE OF THEM.  Don’t look too hard for the truth. Look for what will work   Why has our nation forgotten good, old American pragmatism and “dealing with it.”

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