Surely the Cavalry Is at Hand!

I mean really!  The Kansas City Star was depressing this morning.  Leading the anguish was the KC Royals stunning eleventh loss in a row. That hasn’t happened to a team since 1913, They’re off to Cleveland to run another Tribe gauntlet. Krauthammer lamented the end of Discovery, the space program.  It seems we are bequeathing American world leadership to China and Russia.

I read elsewhere that the social security trust fund’s crisis has moved up three years.  Also the first French president Americans have been able to like is running second against a socialist.  Never fear, I understand the senior partner in Europe, Inc., i.e. Germany, will keep the “conservative” flame burning.  Ahh, there will always be a France!  Humanity must have a France!

And Mr.  Romney inches into just what the Republicans always wanted in the first place.  Both the Democrats and Republicans continue to ignore the Simpson-Bowles Report and the tough choices that must be made.  This partisan stuff ain’t working.  And Americans wait as usual for a crisis big enough, so devastating that there is no choice but action in the nick of time.  Are we waiting again for cavalry to arrive?

Steadfast and cautious,
David Milliken

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