The Real Reason I Dropped Out of a PhD Program

“I quit because I’d lost the stomach for being part of the institution of higher education — one that wasn’t sustaining me intellectually, financially or spiritually; one that wanted me to teach classes for very low wages — as a grad student and then likely as an adjunct faculty member. I quit because I was exhausted and couldn’t handle the obstacle course that grad school and the academic job market still required my running through. I quit because I needed to heal from the trauma of watching Anthony die. I quit because far from that so-called Ivory Tower being a place of solace and contemplation, it had become a nightmare of bureaucracy and politics. I quit because I didn’t want to be a cog in that machine. I quit because I felt the system was broken. And at the time, I was broken too.”  — MORE —

via The Real Reason I Dropped Out of a PhD Program.

Here is an addition to my collection of stories on “The Tortoisefactor” about the PhD Octopus and how timeless it has become. The author is Audrey Watters who writes a blog called “Education Hack.”  I trust that the wary will find her thoughts and experience useful.  They simply illustrate the landscape of graduate study and the life of the mind.  My reminder to all is that the library and books are alive and well unsurrounded by the moat of the university.

David Milliken

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