Lay Off, Romney! He’s Just a Pisces!

I’m coming to the defense of Mitt Romney.  Liberals, lay off the Pisces! Yes, Romney is a Pisces and fellow mate of mine in the zodiac.  In general Piscatorials are mutable (flippy floppy),  gentle, kind, retiring, sensitive, unlucky and sometimes melancholy.  Here think of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

Of course, all of this is altered by stars, the moon and planets.  Generally, we’re a pretty decent sign. I mean, just study the little symbol for Pisces — twin fish.  What do you expect? And I have to say, too, that Romney’s Myers-Briggs is most like an ENTJ which means he is totally extra-verted while at the same time time intuitive, thinking and judging. He is the typical American type: perfectionist, questioning, and assertive. He’s  the consummate achiever.  He’s closer to the shark and barracuda than we porpoises.  So all is not uniform in the Piscean sea.  But we fish have to stick together.  I mean when we are not eating something smaller than ourselves.

For those of us who swim silent and swim deep, these election flaps are like froth on the surface and most often just as significant.

Steadfast and cautious,

S. David Milliken








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