A Citizen’s Prayer for the United States of America

Dear God,

These are trying times for all your children across the world, dear God. I thank you for both the blessings and burdens of global leadership given to the United States of America. May we be worthy of your Grace and Trust.  Please touch the hearts and minds of our elected Representatives of the People and Senators of the Republic. Make them mindful that in our democratic republic there must be liberty, freedom and feasible fairness for good times and bad; that our democratic republic must rest on tempered capitalism; that  vices and virtues abound in every economic system; that taken alone neither capitalism or progressivism are  wholly or purely good; that both have negative effects;; that properly understood and tempered neither of them is inherently fatal. The two approaches offer  strong therapies requiring changing blends adjusted to the ailments  according to time, place and severity.    God, banish unfounded fears from our spirits.

Teach our elected officials to suspend pre-occupation with re-election and self-aggrandizement long enough to act solely in the public interest based on the results of facts, judgment, good sense and responsible argument — civil argument.   Make them understand that the poet was right when he spoke of the shadow that falls between the motion and the act; and that the People are exhausted from endless groping in the shadows.  Keep us all from selfishness and greed. Bless the common wealth.  Help the People and its publics to understand their own excesses — even the need for strong medicine now and then. Make as anathema to all the use of viciousness that only encourages more viciousness. When decisions are made they are made for a time. Political parties deserve their term of sway, but public elections are the means of changing the dominance of any philosophy. Simple majorities of three to five per cent are not mandates. Right order of redress and reconsideration must be respected.  Dear God, we cannot thrive in a state of constant turmoil.

Make us all  understand that the trinity of Faith, Hope and Charity has its place in our society and its government.

In your name we ask these things, Dear God. Amen.

Steadfast and Cautious,

D. “Tortoise” Taylor

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