French Health Care | Suite101

“If the US could bring its health care spending costs down to the French level of about 10 percent of GDP, America would save more than $600 billion annually — enough to cover the basic health care needs of all uninsured Americans. ”

via French Health Care | Suite101.

France has its problems, but like the United States, the French Republic was born of the 18th Century Enlightenment.  The French prize liberty and individual freedom, but  take a different view of  “fraternity” in their society.  And yes, France is hard pressed to support its social programs.  Nevertheless, this article which also discusses health care in Canada, Taiwan and Switzerland should be required reading of those who classify France as “socialistic” and as a nanny state.  France ranks well above the US in quality of care and costs.  America should be looking at what other countries are doing, learn from others and apply our ingenuity.  We should stop yammering in cliches and hearsay about others.

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