Leonard Pitts Jr. | Roaring mouths saying nothing – KansasCity.com

Leonard Pitts Jr. | Roaring mouths saying nothing – KansasCity.com.


Thank you, Mr. Pitts, for acquainting me with Robert Kilmer who is also sick to his gills with what passes as public discussion of the issues.  I feel less lonely. My sole purpose  here is to encourage everyone to read Pitts’ reporting.  Our country happens to be in serious straits and heading into extremis.  I want to join the quixotic voices.  I want to tilt at these windmills, this monumental task of convincing others that our precious time, time given us by God, is wasted, terribly wasted, every time we pay the slightest attention to political non-speak and the media that transmits it.  And I do mean both parties.

I’ve been trying to believe that it has always been this way.  It hasn’t.  Oh, politicians have always evaded, sidestepped and ignored the real issues, but not like today.  Why? Because we want to understand life and the world in 140 characters. Because we have all been beaten down and fed pap.  God only knows why we can’t handle a complete paragraph, let alone 5oo words.

Steadfast and cautious,

David Milliken

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