An Excerpt from My Novel, The Education of an Unimportant Man

I’ve had the temerity to publish on this weblog, an excerpt from my unpublished novel, The Education of an Unimportant Man which I completed over two years ago.  Perhaps it will be of interest to a few who may walk by my hide here by the river bank.  The work required two years of my life and found no publisher.  I have decided to share at least a little of it.  The most important person in my life thinks it is excellent work.  And so do I and why would I not?

To find it look near the small, sea tortoise on the weblog.  He appears to be swimming toward the surface of the water and up into the light.  It is just below “As for this Site.”

This is original work  and cannot be copied or disseminated in any way without my consent.  Thank you.  There,  Spritely,  I’ve done it!

David Millken

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